Heeding the government call to break down ‘the Berlin Wall’ between state and independent sectors, Tom Arbuthnott has been working on cross-sector partnerships since 2010. This site is a place for musings, ideas and policy suggestions about how to maximise the potential of these partnerships to the benefit of participating schools and – particularly – to the children within them.

Tom is the founder of the ‘Partnerships in Practice’ series, published by the Schools Together Group, which takes a very practical approach to building and sharing school partnerships, based on best practice. He co-founded the STG, and also organised its inaugural conference, ‘Inspiring Partnerships’ which took place at Eton in May 2017.

Tom is currently Deputy Head (Partnerships) at Eton College, and previously was Director of Outreach at King Edward’s School in Birmingham, following an early career spent in challenging schools in the state sector. Any opinions expressed on this site are personal rather than institutional.

Latest from the Blog

On cauliflowers, swedes, trebuchets and the impact assessment of cross-sector partnerships

My latest blog is a guest post for the Eton College Centre for Innovation and Research in Learning and can be found at Assessing the impact of cross-sector partnerships: a practitioner’s guide | CIRL (etoncollege.com), It is reproduced below: Did you know, when fired from a trebuchet, that a swede travels further than a cauliflower?Continue reading “On cauliflowers, swedes, trebuchets and the impact assessment of cross-sector partnerships”

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